October Poetry Fest!!!

pumpkin-patch-san-diegoHi readers…

Actually, that’s somewhat inaccurate. I should have started with…

Hi watchers!

… because, in a desperate bid to get over my horror of cameras, video-blogging and YouTube in general, I’m taking to the screen. You can click here to find out exactly why I’m doing this, and to what end, or just read the abridged version below.

Basically, I’m recording myself reading a poem every day for the whole of October. Booyah. For those who would like to see the poems I’ve chosen, I’ll be posting them on my blog daily, so check back in. Otherwise, go forth to YouTube and bear witness to my marvels*. Links to the videos are on the relevant blog posts.

*and by marvels, I mean “me making a massive tit of myself, now available in mp4”.

Poem 1) ‘A Love Song’ – William Carlos Williams

Poem 2) ‘Howl, part II’ – Allen Ginsberg

Poem 3) ‘”They flee from me that sometime did me seek…'” – Thomas Wyatt

Poem 4) ‘Ash Wednesday part I’ – T. S. Eliot

Poem 5) ‘For A Traveler’ – Jessica Greenbaum

Poem 6) ‘Salome’ – Carol Ann Duffy

Poem 7) ‘The Ballad Of Reading Gaol, extract from part IV’ – Oscar Wilde

Poem 8) ‘The Windhover’ – Gerard Manley Hopkins

Poem 9) ‘dear love’ – Barbara Jane Reyes

Poem 10) ‘continental divide’ – D. A. Powell

Poem 11) ‘Buffalo Bill’ – e. e. cummings

Poem 12) ‘Twa Corbies’ – Scottish Folk Ballad

Poem 13) ‘”I am very bothered when I think…”’ – Simon Armitage

Poem 14) ‘Dream Song 4’ – John Berryman

Poem 15) ‘Snake’ – D.H. Lawrence

Poem 16) ‘The Skunk’ – Seamus Heaney

Poem 17) ‘Sonnet 73’ – William Shakespeare

Poem 18) ‘Yellow’ – Charles Wright

Poem 19) ‘”Love, never conquered in battle…”‘ – Sophocles, trans. Robert Fagles

Poem 20) ‘This Is A Photograph Of Me’ – Margaret Atwood

Poem 21) ‘Lament For The Makers’ – William Dunbar

Poem 22) ‘Sonnet 38’ – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Poem 23) ‘My Last Duchess’ – Robert Browning

Poem 24) ‘Lady Lazarus’ – Sylvia Plath

Poem 25) Vultures – Chinua Achebe

Poem 26) ‘Steps’ – Frank O’Hara

Poem 27) ‘How Can It Be I Am No Longer I’ – Lucie Brock-Broido

Poem 28) ‘The Boyhood Of Dracula’ – Gareth Owen

Poem 29) ‘The Dark Man’ – Stephen King

 Poem 30) ‘The Vampire’s Metamorphosis’ – Charles Baudelaire trans. Jacques LeClercq

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